Anti–Diabetic Activity of Cinnamon:1 A Review

Anti–Diabetic Activity of Cinnamon:1 A Review

فعالیت ضد دیابت(Anti–Diabetic) دارچین(Cinnamon)

Abstract—Diabetes mellitus (DM) is the most common of the endocrine illnesses. It is a significant human disorder, affecting numerous, from several pieces of life in diverse countries. In spite of improvements in drug controlling of diabetes, the adverse drug effects have made experts to look towards hypoglycemic agents of natural source, particularly in the developing nations.

Cinnamon is one medicinal universal plant which has been used daily by people all over the world, which has the probable to decrease the growth of diabetes and its problem. It also does not have much notable side effects. The current mini reviews present the outstanding ability of cinnamon, to control diabetes by enhancing insulin release and insulin receptor signaling. It also points to the areas of prospect research regarding of the pathological mechanisms that cause diabetes


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